Himachal population grows by 12.9 percent, but child population declines

Shimla/May 22
Child population in Himachal has witnessed a decline of 15,239 in the last decade while overall population witnessed a growth of 12.9 percent over a period of last one decade, latest census data revealed.
Himachal Joint Director, directorate of Census’s R.K. Ram said that child population in the hill state has declined by 15,239 over the last decade while the population growth rate in the state was 12.9 percent during 2001 to 2011. “Overall, the population has increased from 60,77,900 in 2001 to 68,64,602 in 2011 that includes 33,82,729 women,” Ram said, adding that during the last decade child sex ration has improved by 13 percent.
As per the final census data that was released today, child sex ratio witnessed healthy trend and it has raised from 896 in 2001 to 909 in 2011. The child population in the age group of 0-6 years at present is 777,898 whereas it was 762,659 in the last census.
“At present 712,822 children are residing in rural areas while only 65,076 are living in urban. Meanwhile, Kangra has witnessed the highest increase in the child population growth at 21.2 percent, followed by Mandi (14.4 percent) and Shimla (10.5 percent),” Ram said.
He further said that the child sex ratio in rural areas improved only by 12 from 900 to 912 while urban areas witnessed an increase of 37 during the last decade.
However, tribal district of Lahaul-Spiti district hasn’t witnessed any increase in total population though it has the highest child sex ratio at 1,033, whereas another remote district Kinnaur has 963. The border district of Una has recorded lowest child sex ratio at 875 per 1000 girls.
Una district also recorded the highest overall population growth rate of 16.3 percent, followed by Solan (15.9 percent) and Sirmaur (15.5 percent).
The state has 25.2 percent belong to the Scheduled Castes, while the Scheduled Tribes have a meagre population of just 5.7 percent. Both remote Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur districts have no urban population.
Meanwhile, the number of un-inhabited villages in Himachal has increased by 185 in Himachal over last one decade and the number of un-inhabited villages that was 2623 in 2001 rose to 2808 in 2011 census figures. The number of villages in Himachal is 20690 villages where more than 90 percent people are residing.
According 2011 census, the population density (persons per square kms) have been increased to 123, which is almost double as per 1971 census figures (62). The population density in 2001 was registered 109. Lahaul and Spiti has the lowest population density of 2 person per square kms, which is same as compare to the 2001 census data.