Google maps help man in finding his family 23 years after abduction

New Delhi/May 18
With help from Google maps to locate the bridges that he remembered from his childhood, a Chinese man was finally able to reunite with his family 23 years after his abduction.
Gang was abducted from Yaojiaba town of Sichuan province of China when he was 5-year-old and he was raised by his adoptive parents more than one thousand kilometers away in Fujian province.
Though Luo Gang was raised with love and affection by his adoptive parents, he always longed to find his family and he kept memorizing the places where he used play and roam during his childhood.
Gang never gave up his efforts to find his original parents and drew a rough map of places that he remembered from childhood and posted it on Bring Lost Babies Home website, an online portal dedicated reunite missing children with the help of its volunteers worldwide.
As per reports, one of the volunteers of online portal replied him that a baby boy was reported to be abducted from Guangan City in Sichuan province of China after which searched the location of the place with the help of Google maps.
On Google maps, Gang recognized two bridges near Yaojiaba town that he remembered from childhood and he found his lost home. “Everyday, I used to re-live the past memories so that I couldn’t forget about my original home and finally, I have found my family with the help of Google maps,” Gang said.
His parents, who had given hope of finding their son and had adopted a girl, were overjoyed when they found their lost son and his mother said that she used to cry by thinking that he might have been starving somewhere without any clothes.