DEO Gurdaspur suspended for embezzling SSA funds

Chandigarh/May 23
Punjab’s Education minister Sikandar Singh Maluka on Thursday dismissed District Education Officer (DEO) of Gurdaspur Shindo Sahni for embezzling funds to the tune of Rs 2 crore that were allotted for school uniforms under Sarv Siksha Abhiyan.
“Sahni has been found guilty in the financial bungling in the funds of Sarv Sikhsha Abhiyan which was allocated for the purchase of school uniforms of the students,” Maluka said, adding that the accused DEO had embezzled funds to the tune of Rs 2.02 crore, out of the total allocation of Rs 4.89 crore for the purchase of the uniforms for 1.22 lakh school children.
Maluka further said that Sahni didn’t follow the instructions set by government for making such purchases. “As per government instructions, the purchase was to be done at school level but instead Singla conducted the purchases at the district level through the private companies. Further, the uniforms either did not reach the targeted schools or wherever uniforms were sent, these were less than the required quantity,” Maluka added
The education department had ordered an enquiry into the issue and Shindo Sahni was found guilty of the financial embezzlement.