Deadly virus spreading through human contact, reported in Saudi Arabia

New Delhi/May 13
A deadly virus (Coronavirus) has been detected in Saudi Arabia and France that can spread through human contact and has reportedly claimed 18 lives worldwide out of 30 infected persons.
As per reports, World Health Organisation (WHO) has confirmed that that the deadly virus Coronavirus can spread through human contact, however, the extent of contact that can cause infection is yet to be ascertained.
On a visit to Saudi Arabia where most the cases has been reported, to examine the patients, Assistant Director-General of WHO, Keiji Fukuda said that the clusters of patients suffering affected from the deadly virus supports the hypothesis that the virus can travel through human contact.
The virus reportedly causes symptoms like that of pneumonia leading to kidney failure that can prove fatal for patients. However, scientists are still ascertaining the fact that whether this virus is spreading amongst people in Saudi Arabia and France infects others through air or human contact.
WHO’s confirmation comes at time when a patients has been reportedly infected with the deadly after he shared a room in Valenciennes Hospital with a person who was infected with Coronavirus.
However, medical experts while confirming the infection through human contact maintained that the virus can be dealt with appropriate care and it poses low risk of transmission.
Meanwhile, some experts are likening it with SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus that had claimed the lives of 800 people worldwide as they believe that there are around 50 percent chances of survival once a person has been infected with the virus.
As per report, two patients, who carried the disease, had died in Saudi Arabia from where the first infections have been reported. So far, the virus has claimed 18 lives out of 34 infected persons worldwide.
French authorities has reportedly issued advisory to travelers, visiting Gulf countries to wash their hands regularly and avoid contact with animals meanwhile, persons returning from these countries with flu like symptoms has been asked to report it concerned medical authorities immediately.