Church pastor exploited teen saying Jesus wanted them to have sex

New Delhi/May 11
A former pastor first Baptist Church of Hammond in Indiana in US for allegedly seduced a teenage by saying that Jesus wanted them to have sex. He was sentenced to 12 years in jail by a US court on Mrach 20, 2013 for having sexual relations with the girl when she was 16 years old.
As per the reports, the pastor Jack Schaap allegedly told the teen parishioner that Jesus Christ desire them to marry and become eternal lovers.
Jack allegedly used to write letters to the teen victim, convincing her to marry him and have sexual relations with him.
55-year-old Jack was fired by his church in July last year and booked by US federal agencies on charges of taking a minor across state lines with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity to which he reportedly confessed. He was elected as pastor by members of Hammond in 2001 due to his magnetic and charismatic preaching qualities and he is married with daughter of a former pastor of Church with two kids.
His affair with 17-year-old girl was exposed after church authorities saw a picture of him and the girl kissing in his mobile phone. The teenage girl had came to the Church to confess when the pastor groomed her for intimate relations with her by counseling her and as per phone records, he sent her SMSs as many as 662 times in one month.