Basking in sun may ease symptoms of asthma in patients: Scientists

New Delhi/May 21
Basking in Sunshine can reduce the effects of asthma in patients and Vitamin D that is made in body in sunshine calms over-active part of immune system in asthma, a latest study research by King’s College has revealed.
The study conducted by a team of the college and that is published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology claims that vitamin D was able to lower levels the effects of asthma in patients.
As per reports, sunshine or Vitamin D lowered the effects of interleukin-17 when it was added to blood samples taken from 28 patients. Meanwhile, patients are yet to be tested with Vitamin D to verify the findings.
A team of Kind’s College London is now conducting clinical trials to study the impact of the sunshine vitamin on patients that are suffering from asthma to find out if it reduces the effects of disease. The team is also studying its impact of patients who do not respond to steroids as they produce seven times more interleukin-17 than other patients.
Medical experts are looking for alternative methods to treat asthma patients as steroids, mostly used for treatment of asthma patients, don’t work for all patients.
Asthma patients find it hard to breathe as their airways becomes inflamed, swollen or narrowed that leads to continuous coughing.
Catherine Hawrylowicz, a researcher said that it is a known fact that patients with high level of Vitamin D can control asthma in better way that those who don’t have sufficient level of vitamin in their body. “We are now treating patients with Vitamin D whose body has become resistant to steroids,” Catherine told an UK based news channel.
She, however, added that covering up oneself by sun cream might have raised asthma rates but too much sun can be bad for people.