Air India flight grounded as pilot gets locked out

New Delhi/May 14
An Air India flight from Delhi to Bangalore was diverted to Bhopal on Monday after its pilot got locked out while he had gone for toilet.
As per reports, Air India flight AI 403 was on its way to Bangalore from Delhi when the commander of the flight got locked out.
“The flight commander had gone to answer nature’s call and when he tried to enter cockpit, the door reportedly jammed and he got locked out,” said an Air India spokesperson, adding that the co-pilot and a supernumerary pilot tried to open the door but couldn’t.
The flight was later diverted to Bhopal after the co-pilot took permission from authorities and it was landed at Bhopal airport in the evening.
It was only after two hours wait by the passengers that the door unlocked and flight pursued on its course to Bangalore.
“However, the incident posed no threat to the safety of passengers,” added the Air India spokesperson.