70 percent subsidy on solar pumps for farmers opting for crop diversification

Chandigarh/May 12
In order to promote agriculture diversification in state, Punjab government on Sunday decided to provide 70 percent subsidy on solar pumps for irrigation for the farmers of the state.
Punjab’s Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal announced the scheme on priority for those farmers who will opt for crop diversification and sanctioned Rs 5 crore for providing subsidy to the farmers besides fruits and vegetable growers on these solar pumps.
“Out of the total cost of solar pump of Rs 2.50 lakh, a farmer had to pay only Rs 75,000 while rest of the cost will be borne by Punjab government and Indian Government,” said a government spokesperson, adding that 40 percent cost which will be around Rs 1 lakh will be borne by state government while and 30 percent cost which will be around Rs 75000) will be borne by Central government.
However, Punjab government has decided to give priority to those farmers who opts for crop diversification program that is started by the state government with the twin objective to shift the major chunk of cultivable land under paddy to alternative crops like sugarcane, cotton, maize, soyabean, oilseeds, pulses besides fruits and vegetables on one hand and ensuring remunerative returns to the farmers of their produce on other.