1500 Bahra varsity students sing national anthem to support Sahara group initiative

Shimla/May 6
As a part of Sahara Group’s initiative Bharat Bhavna Diwas to beat Pakistan record where 42,183 citizens sang national anthem ay same time, around 1500 students of Bahra University sang national anthem at the campus at the scheduled time of 10.00 am today.
The event was was organised as a part of the initiative by Sahara Group whereby lakhs of people gathered in groups throughout India at 10.00 am to sing the national anthem.
A Bahra University spokesperson said that the varsity students joined the initiative of Sahara Group to break the world record of Pakistan where 42183 citizens sang one national anthem together at same time and same place. “The students and teachers of Bahra University took part in another initiative of Sahara Group whereby a new world record has been created where maximum number of people of any country ever sang one national anthem together at same time,” the spokesperson said.
All Deans and teachers of Bahra University were also present at this historical occasion and the registrar of Bahra University C R B Lalit, Bahra University’s Director, Administration R S Parmar also took part in slogan shouting with students in the event that ended at around 10.15 pm.