CPIM opposes hike in electricity charges in Himachal

Shimla/ April 30
The Himachal Wing of Communist Party of India Marxist on Tuesday strongly deplored the decision of the state regulatory commission for the hike in electricity charges to the tune of 16%.
“This is going to severely affect the consumers in the state. It is an irony that the state that boasts of being a power state has to tax its consumers for electricity which has a high growth potential in the state,”CPIM leader Tikender Singh Panwar said.
He asked the state government to meet this burden from the share that it is supposed to get from the BBMB. The state must vigorously pursue for the delivery of the sum as has been ordered by the Supreme Court of India, he added.
The CPIM ridiculed the state regulatory commission and the state government for allowing concessional rates to the industrial houses during the peak hours of their consumption.
The party condemned the state government for allowing such type of cross subsidisation where the poor pay for the subsidies offered to the rich.
The CPIM called upon the people to resist the hike and thoroughly expose the sinister designs of successive Congress and BJP governments whose policies have been responsible for the crumbling of the state electricity board.
Panwar alleged that both parties initially privatised the state electricity board and have formed a company. Then the major area of operation of the electricity board i.e. generation was snatched and now it is the private sector that generates major share of electricity in the state, he added.
“The state electricity board was virtually crippled. Now even the distribution is being planned to be handed over to the private hands. These policies have led to the successive hike in the electricity tariff,” it said.
CPIM said that it would expose this nexus and shall launch a mass campaign to save the electricity board and ensure that the hike is withdrawn.