US soldier confessed to have provided military and diplomatic files to WIkiLeaks

Says he wanted to enlighten American public to prompt a wider debate about foreign policy

New Delhi/March 2
Bradley Manning, arrested in Baghdad in May 2010 for providing vast archives of military and diplomatic files to WikiLeaks, confessed to the charge in court, and said that he revealed the information to enlighten American and to prompt a debate on foreign policy.”
US soldier, Private Manning confessed about sending information while working as an intelligence analyst in Iraq and decided to release some files which he thought that American public should know to prompt a wider debate about foreign policy. He allegedly downloaded the files from a secure computer network and then uploaded them to WikiLeaks.
Manning’s guilty pleas could land him in jail for up to 20 years. He has been charged with serious offences as aiding the enemy, and multiple counts of violating federal statutes, including the Espionage Act. But it is still contestable on the points as whether the information he provided come under preview of the Espionage Act and whether the information could also be used to injure the United States or aid a foreign nation.
Manning has stated that he had released information cautiously and he had taken care to ensure that the info doesn’t cause harm if disclosed. The first set of documents he released consist hundreds of thousands of military incident reports from Afghanistan and Iraq. Those reports added up to a history of the day-to-day reality in both war zones that he believed showed the flaws in the counterinsurgency policy the United States was then pursuing. The military was obsessed with capturing or killing people on a list, while ignoring the impact of its operations on ordinary people.
Manning added that he put the files on a digital storage card of his camera and took it home with him on a leave in early 2010. He then decided to give the files to a newspaper. He claimed that he talked to some newspapers in New York but he didn’t get any favorable response after which he leaked the info to WikiLeaks.