UPA government denying infrastructure for ensuring the smooth procurement of food grains: Punjab CM

Moga/March 31
Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today slammed Congress led UPA government for its apathetic attitude towards the state and deliberately denying the requisite infrastructure for ensuring the smooth procurement of food grains from the state.
Badal said that the Central government was once again doing injustice with state by denying the facilities needed for the smooth procurement of the food grains. “It is Union government’s duty to ensure proper storage, movement and lifting of the food grains produced by the farmers but the UPA government had totally failed in fulfilling this duty, which has increased the agonies of the farmers,” Badal said.
The Chief Minister said that the Center was not paying heed towards the demands made by the state government regularly for providing the necessary infra structure to ensure smooth procurement.
“Despite the fact that he had personally taken up the matter of paucity of storing facilities in the state with the top brass of the UPA government no concrete step has been taken to sort out this problem. The matter of giving the permission for the constructing of new silos on scientific lines in the state was also hanging in fire as the Union government was not granting the permission for it on one pretext or other. Not only this but the Union government has not even bothered to ensure the timely supply of Gunny bags for the procurement of wheat despite of the fact that the state government had made requisition for its supply and deposited the requisite payment too well in advance,” the Chief Minister said.
Badal pointed out that this was the worst form of discrimination being meted out by the Union government with the states ruled by the opposition parties in the country. The only solution for this problem was that the states must be given more powers so that such issues could be solved at their own level only. “The implementation of the genuine federal structure in the country was the only viable solution for it” he added.
The Chief Minister added that Punjab government was committed for ensuring free and fair elections to strengthen the democracy at grass root level. “Like all the previous elections these polls would also be ensured in a transparent manner so that the people were able to exercise their franchise freely and fearlessly,” he added.