Modi targets Gandhi family, Congress party at BJP’s meet

Says BJP is Mission party while Congress Commission party
New Delhi/March 3
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi targeted Gandhi family and Congress party for putting forward the interests of a family than to work towards the betterment and development of country.
Modi, while addressing the ongoing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National Council meeting, said that ‘BJP is mission party while Congress is Commission party’. “The Congress party has not done anything for the country and they don’t intend to lead the country on the path of progress. One cannot understand whether there is a government at all in the centre. Furthermore, the Congress party does not have it in their blood to take the take the country forward,” Modi said.
Modi said that he wish that instead of Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukherjee should have been the Prime Minister as he is a grassroot leader and he woild have worked for the welfare of country. “After India got independence, the Congress party was in power for most of the time and it had all the opportunities to take the country forward but they couldn’t. All other countries, including China, went ahead of us. They sacrificed the interest of the country for the sake of one family,” said Modi.
Modi further attacked the Gandhi family and said that the family had made sure that no leader was allowed to go ahead as they could became a threat to them. He blamed the Congress for price rise, inflation and corruption and the people of this country will throw the Congress out of power.
Modi further added that BJP is synonymous with development and BJP ruled states have faired much better than those who are ruled by Congress. “The states which are ruled by the BJP whether it was Madhya Pradesh or Chhattisgarh the development work in these states was a model for others to follow,” Modi added.
Modi attributed the third time victory in Gujarat to the party and stated that it is the victory of BJP’s thought process and ideology. “The win is the victory of the people of Gujarat and also of the guidance provided by our senior leaders,” he added.

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