Italy must return marines or face consequences: PM

New Delhi/March 13
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today exhorted the Italian counterparts to return two marines and honour the undertaking filed in Supreme Court or face consequences.
While addressing Parliament here today, Manmohan Singh said, “Italian authorities respect the undertakings they have given to the Supreme Court and return the two accused persons to stand trial in India. If they do not keep their word there will be consequences for our relations with Italy.”
Singh said that there are no two opinions about the actions that have been taken by the Italian government on the matter and the government has already made it clear that the actions of the Government of Italy are not acceptable. “They have violated every rule of diplomatic discourse and call into question solemn commitments given by accredited representatives of a sovereign government to our Supreme Court and by any standards, these actions are not in the interests of any bilateral relationship that has to function on the basis of trust,” the Prime Minister said.
Earlier on Monday, Italy’s Ministry of Foreign affairs has said that the conduct of the Government of India violated the international law obligations imposed on India by virtue of customary law and treaty law, UNCLOS. Due to the lack of ‘response of India to the Italian request to enable such cooperation, Italy has formally confirmed to the Indian Government that the riflemen of Marina Maximilian Latorre and Savior Pool will not return to India at the end of the permission granted to them.

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