Italian Marines not to return India to face trial: Italy Govt.

New Delhi/March 11
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs today said the two marines, Maximilian Latorre and Savior Pool who were charged with murder of two Kerala fisherman, will not return to India to face trial, on violation of international law by India in the issue.
In a statement issued by Italy’s Foreign Affairs ministry said, “In the aftermath of the judgment of 18 January 2013 the Supreme Court of India, Italy has formally proposed to the Government of New Delhi, the start of a bilateral dialogue in the search for a diplomatic solution to the case, as suggested by the Court, where drew the hypothesis of cooperation between States in the fight against piracy, as envisaged by Convention United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) of 1982.”
The statement further says that Italy has always held that the conduct of the Government of India violated the international law obligations imposed on India by virtue of customary law and treaty law, UNCLOS. Due to the lack of ‘response of India to the Italian request to enable such cooperation, Italy has formally confirmed to the Indian Government that the riflemen of Marina Maximilian Latorre and Savior Pool will not return to India at the end of the permission granted to them,” added th statement.
The Italian government has notified Indian Embassy in Rome about the decision.
The marines were allowed by the Supreme Court to go back to Italy for four weeks in February this year after Italian government had given an undertaking in the Supreme Court that Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone will return to India after the voting.
The marines were arrested by the Kerala police in February 2012 after they allegedly fired at the vessel off Kerala coast, killing the two Indian fishermen.