HP government to issue notices to private varsities in for excess land

hShimla/March 22
Himachal government will issue show cause notice to private universities of the state who have excess land.
Sources said that the decision was taken in cabinet meeting held here today. “As per decision of the cabinet it would be mandatory for the management of every private university in Himachal to provide information that how much of the land purchased have been put to use to raise infrastructure and how much was required in actual.
Sources said that many of the private universities which were set up during the previous BJP government have purchased land in excess. One of the private universities setup in Himachal has purchased around 600 bighas of land which is more than ten times of the actual requirement.
While in opposition at that time, Congress legislators has raised apprehension on the purchase of land beyond requirements by private universities as only 50 to 60 bighas of land is required to set up the private university.
“Besides this, the Cabinet also put forth the suggestions for bringing amendment to make land lease rules more stringent in the state. The Cabinet also decided to give approval for amending the condition of minimum necessary time period of running the private university,” sources said.
The condition of minimum time period was raised to 40 years from a minimum time period of 25 years. If the private universities was failed to do so and dissolved before 40 years, the land purchased by them would be vested with the state government.
Sources said that continuing its review of the policy and programs of the previous BJP government, the Congress government also decided to scrap the gymnasium scheme under which gymnasiums were to be set up at the panchayat level.
Under the scheme a provision of providing a grant of Rs 50,000 was made to each of the 3,243 panchayats in the state. A sum of Rs 17 crore was earmarked for the scheme which was launched in August last year. The 135 panchayats which had spent the funds provided under the scheme could continue the gymnasiums meanwhile, the remaining 3,108 panachyats were free to utilise the funds for setting up parks and other facilities for children’s recreation.