Anti-people and anti-Punjab stance led people to vote Congress out of power: Badal

Anandpur Sahib/March 28
Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today termed Congress party’s anti-people policies and anti-Punjab stance as the reason for its ouster from the power and also from the political scene of the state.
Speaking on the occasion of Hola Mohalla here today, Badal said that the people of Punjab have shown the door to the Congress leaders due to their dubious track record of remaining the mute spectator of the grave injustice with state. “It is a matter of record that the Congress party has never staged its comeback in any state in which it has been routed out from power whether its Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat or any other state,” Badal said.
The Chief Minister said that the Congress would meet the same fate in Punjab also in coming elections. Congress has always adopted an apathetic attitude towards the state and the testimony to this fact is that the Congress led UPA government has ruined the industry and agriculture of state by enacting anti Punjab policies.
“The single point agenda of the UPA government was to ruin the farmers of the state, notwithstanding their enormous contribution in making our country self sufficient in food production. Union government was intriguing to bring our state at the brink of economic disaster through its anti-Punjab stance and discriminating policies, as a result of which the farmers of state were burdened with a heavy debt of Rs 32,000 crore,” the Chief Minister said.
“Further, the exorbitant hike in prices of fertilizers and other agricultural inputs like diesel, the Union government had broken the back of the farmers, rendering them at the mercy of the Centre. Union Government has always meted out a step motherly treatment with the state by irrelevantly meddling in its social, political, economic and even religious affairs, Badal said, adding that Centre’s allocation of merely Rs 500 crore for Green Revolution states primarily Punjab was just a peanut to undertake massive crop diversification program to pull out its beleaguered peasantry from the rut of wheat/paddy rotation.
Reiterating his stand on setting up of a genuinely federal structure in the country, the Chief Minister said that the sole reason for the fiscal mess in many states across the country was the excessive centralization of powers by the UPA government.
The Chief Minister said that realizing well that it was the duty of the state government to acquaint the coming generations with their rich cultural heritage the state government have erected Virasat-e-Khalsa at Sri Anandpur Sahib, ‘Chhota Ghallughara Kahnuwan Chhambh Shaheedi Memorial’ at Kahnuwan, Memorial of Wadda Ghallughara at Kup Rahiran and Fateh Burj at Chhapar Chiri in the state. He further said that the Punjab government has already spent Rs 500 crore on the construction of Virasat-e-Khalsa which has emerged as a huge centre for attraction amongst the people from all strata of society. The state government would soon start work for constructing a ‘Jang-e-Azaadi’ memorial on 25 acres of land at Kartarpur in district Jalandhar. Mr Badal said the work on this exemplary memorial to be erected at the cost of Rs 200 crore would be completed in two years.
He said that knowing well that free power to the farmers was the need of the hour the state government was paying more than Rs 5000 crore to the POWERCOM so as to ensure free power supply to them far. Likewise Mr Badal said that Rs 1300 criore was being spent for the welfare of the poor and weaker sections of the society through schemes like Atta Dal, Shagun and Pensions.