Aids cure might be possible in future: Nobel Laureate

New Delhi/March 5
After the cure of baby girl who was born with HIV in US, Nobel prize winner Francoise Barre-Sinoussi said that cure for Aids might be possible in future as scientists have found positive evidences indicating the possibility. Sinoussi said that scientific efforts are being made to find the cure for Aids and now, it seems that a cure may be possible as evidence have been found suggests the same. However, she said that finding treatment for the disease will take some time but it seems possible.
Sinoussi said that though anti-retroviral drugs had successfully helped infected people to live normal lives, it is important to find permanent solutions to the disease.
Professor Barre-Sinoussi had won the Nobel prize in 2008 along with Luc Montagnier for pinpointing the cause of Aids.
Earlier, US researchers had claimed that they have cured a baby girl who was born with HIV with standard drug therapy. The case has been seen as path breaking as it could help scientists in providing insights as to how to eradicate HIV infection in children. This was the first case in which an infant has achieved functional cure without the need for drugs and further blood tests of baby doesn’t show that virus is further multiplying.