Dhiman, Ravi and Kapahtia advice Virbhadra Singh not to held others responsible for own misdeeds

Dhiman, Ravi and Kapahtia advice Virbhadra Singh not to held others responsible for own misdeeds

Shimla /June 26

Education Minister, Ishwar Dass Dhiman, Irrigation and Public Health Minister, Ravinder Singh Ravi and Dr. Ashok Kapahtia, Spokesman BJP in a joint statement issued here on Tuesday said that after having framed charges against Virbhadra Singh by the Special Court Shimla his accusation that the BJP Government and its leaders were responsible for it was not only ridiculous but also an attempt to divert the attention of the people from the charges under which he had been framed by the Court.  They said that  Virbhadra Singh should know that the decision had been given by the Court and not by the BJP Government.

“Not to accept the decision of the Court and holding someone else responsible for it showed that neither Virbhadra Singh nor his associates believe in Country’s legal and constitutional process, which showed his ego for which he was known, they alleged.

Dhiman, Ravi and Dr. Kapahtia reminded Virbhara Singh that the C.D. was made public by his former Minister in the year 2007 when the Congress Government was in power in the State. They also reminded him that enquiry on it was marked by Virbhadra Singh himself to the Vigilance Department. They said that when the BJP Government came into power the process was already going on. They said that one of the close associate of Virbhadra Singh approach the High Court that the proceedings of the case and publicity  on account of this should be stayed then theHigh Court had stayed only the publicity of it and not the proceedings. The Vigilance after having Prima facie evidence had registered the F.I.R. on completion of the proceedings.

They said that when Virbhadra Singh approach the High Court, it had not given any relief to him. Special Court under section 7, 11 & 13 had found Virbhadra Singh of misusing of his office position, criminal conspiracy and corruption so Virbhadra Singh had no right to remain in office and he should tender his resignation at once. They said that Virbhadra Singh himself had also said some days back that he would resign in case charges are framed against him.

Dhiman, Ravi and Dr. Kapahtia said that Virbhadra Singh should also remember when charges were framed against one of his Minister when he was the Chief Minister, he had sought the resignation of the Minister. Sukh Ram, the then Union Minister had also resigned when charges were framed against him. Similarly some Ministers in the UPA Government had also resigned before framing of charges. Keeping in view this and under which section of IPC Virbhadra Singh had been framed for misuse of office, criminal conspricy and corruption he should resign from Union Minister immediately and in case he did not then  Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh should ask for his resignation.

They said that the verdict given by the Special Court had also exposed Virbhadra Singh of the honesty of which he has been boasting. He should realize himself who was the corrupt and should not blame the BJP Government and its leaders of corruption which he had adopted a tirade.