Concrete roads most suitable for Himachal : CII

Concrete roads most suitable for Himachal : CII

CII and ACC has invited experts in this field from all across India to discuss this topic at Shimla on June 23

SHIMLA/ June 22

The concrete roads have proved to be the most effective solution for sustainable roads in India and also hold significance for the state of Himachal Pradesh. In this context Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Associated Cement Company have decided to promote all weather concrete roads for Himachal Pradesh.

To create awareness about the concrete roads both are jointly organising a seminar in Shimla on Saturday during which experts from various states and Central Road Research Institute discuss new cost effective technologies in Rural and Urban limits.

Due to extreme climate conditions in Himachal Pradesh, surfaces get eroded leading to uneven roads and makes it difficult for the commuters to travel.
The Roads and highways are the lifeline for the state of the hill state of Himachal and their development is crucial for the economic and social transformation of the state. Difficult terrain, high construction and maintenance cost is always posing a serious developmental challenge for the state.

The conventional methods of building roads precisely, the bituminous roads which are used mostly in the State, are highly ineffective in context of maintenance and wear-n-tear. On the other hand, concrete roads themselves offer tremendous advantages over the bitumen roads in both operational and financial terms.

Roads in the Himachal belt are prone to a lot of rainfalls and steep terrain, hence, maintenance is a big challenge. In such type of scenarios, Concrete roads will be the ultimate answer under sustainable solution.
Experts like Dr Binod Kumar from CRRI, Chairman Task Force under CM of Karnataka, Prof BRS Murthy, Chief Engineer, Bombay Municipal Corporation (Pioneers in Concrete Roads) R S Godke, Project Director, Karnataka State Highway Improvement Plan Prakash Kumar and other experts will share the success and bottle necks with Himachal government road engineers.

In addition to discussing the advantages of concrete roads for Himachal Pradesh, the experts will also highlight the success stories of various states in Maharashtra and Karnataka along with cost effective designs that will be useful for Himachal hill roads and shall share the best practices which can be implemented in rural areas and urban areas of the State.

The important topics that will be discussed during the seminar are cost analysis between concrete roads and asphalt roads, importance of cost effective designs regarding concrete roads, Cell Filled Concrete (Solution for Rural Roads), speed of construction, proposed solutions for hill areas and many more things.

The seminar will be attended by senior engineers and senior officials of Rural Development, Urban Development, PWD, border Roads, Military Engineering, CPWD and others.