Pesticides lead to cancer in Himachal

Shimla/ April 21

The changing food habits, obesity, pollution and environmental degradation are the main reasons for the spread of cancer, but the overuse of pesticide, which was damaging the crops beyond control, was also a significant factor leading to the deadly disease.

This was stated Vice Chancellor of Himachal Pradesh Horticulture and Forestry University, Nauni Dr. K.R.Dhiman at a one-day seminar on ‘Cancer Awareness – Role of communicators’ organized by Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) Shimla Chapter at Solan on Saturday.

Speaking on the occasion, Dhiman said Nauni University was making farmers aware about the bad affects of pesticides and to minimize their use. He said that in earlier times physicians use to the treat the patient and not the disease, but in the present context the technological advancement have changed the scenario.

“Cancer could only be defeated through massive awareness and sustained mass awareness movements would achieve the objective,” he said, urging the people to change their style of living and abstain from junk food habits.

He said that natural resource conservation can help in reducing the incidence of cancer.

Surgeon in the regional hospital Solan Dr. Yashwant Verma dwelt on the need of regular check-ups so that the disease can be detected at the earliest in the very first stage, which was the best cure.

“Today lung, larynx and cervix cancer were the most common in India in the people above the age of forty. The media can help in sensitizing people about the disease,” he said.

Dr. Verma said the state government had provided state of the art medical testing facilities in every hospital and people should avail these facilities. He, however, urged the people to be aware of quacks and said that cancer was fully curable if detected in its early stage.
An Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Lokesh Mumgai, said that awareness was the best remedy of cancer. He detailed about various types of cancer and their causative agents.

“The adulteration in food products was amongst the potential reason of cancer. Drug addiction has become major source of cancer,” he said.

It was discussed at the seminar that the role of communicators, especially the media, was of paramount importance in helping the society in fight against cancer.

“The media can play a vital role in making the people aware about this dreaded disease. The information, education and communication was the only answer in fight against cancer,” the participants held.

It was stressed that there was need for highlighting the stories of cancer survivors so that more and more people could become aware of it.
Earlier, Chairman, PRSI Shimla Chapter, who is also the Director Public Relations Himachal government detailed the activities of PRSI Shimla Chapter. “We organise such organise programmes in routine to create to make people aware about social issues,” Sharma said.
Senior officers, members of PRSI, doctors, Anganwari workers, students from different streams were present on the occasion.